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Production Photos
Intelligence-Slave Click here to view a slideshow of production photos from Intelligence-Slave.

Photographs by T. Charles Erickson
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Intelligence-Slave takes place underground in an abandoned salt mine where the Nazis have moved the Buchenwald machine factory at the end of World War II to avoid Allied bombing. In this salt mine, the Austrian industrialist and concentration camp prisoner, Curt Herzstark tinkers with an amazing device. A small, black metal cylinder, no bigger than the palm of his hand, the device is a technical marvel... it's also what's keeping Curt alive; the device is the world's first hand-held four function calculator and the Nazis have designated Curt an "intelligence-slave" and are keeping him alive to present it as a gift to Adolf Hitler.

Awards/Production History:

  • Commissioned by Manhattan Theatre Club, New York, NY
  • Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's initiative to develop plays about science and technology
  • Developed at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County
  • World-Premiere Alley Theatre, Houston, TX (May-June, 2010)

"... powerhouse premiere production ... skillfully constructed ... the main point is -- unless you're allergic to hard-hitting drama -- don't miss Intelligence-Slave."
- Houston Chronicle
Click here to read the full Houston Chronicle review of Intelligence-Slave.
"... deeply moving ... makes for a gripping, suspense-filled evening that deepens into a richly felt morality tale with each new scene ... a play about the power of the human heart ..."
- Houston Press
Click here to read the full Houston Press review of Intelligence-Slave.
"Many Jews have thoroughly studied the Holocaust. Young Jews especially may claim their view of the Holocaust is, indeed, jaded from so much study. It is fair to say that Lin's play could help change that view as well as teach those who do not know so well what happened to millions of Jews, as well as millions of others, during World War II."
- Jewish Herald-Voice
Click here to read the full Jewish Herald-Voice article about Intelligence-Slave.


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