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Production Photos
said Said Click here to view a slideshow of production photos from said Saïd.

Photographs by Greg Mooney
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said Saïd

Read Act I of said Saïd (.pdf)


Algerian poet and essayist Andre Saïd has immigrated to the United States and built a life for himself in Bennington, VT. He has been named the Poet Laureate of the United States Library of Congress, and most recently, has won a Nobel Prize for Literature. But, these are controversial appointments because Saïd was accused of being a terrorist during the French-Algerian War.

A prison where Saïd was held in Algiers is torn down, and pages and pages of poetry are discovered scratched into the walls of one cell. But, the poetry is illegible. It is written in an obscure dialect of Berber, of which Saïd is the last remaining speaker. He is asked to translate, but refuses. Why? Does the poetry prove that he was a terrorist? Is it an artifact of a culture he deems unworthy of existence?

Awards/Production History:

  • World Premiere - Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, GA
  • West Coast Premiere - Marin Theatre Company, Mill Valley, CA
  • Alliance Theatre Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition Winner
  • Princess Grace Award
  • Williamstown Theatre Festival L. Arnold Weissberger Award

"One of the most exhilarating theatrical experiences in recent memory ... a fine premiere!"
- Atlanta Journal Constitution
"A very superficial reading of this play leads to the conclusion that, like many beginning playwrights, Mr. Lin is trying too much - that there is enough thematic material here for several plays. And, that's no doubt true. What sets this play apart (and why I believe Mr. Lin will be, is already, a voice to be reckoned with) is that the drama, the theatricality is so vivid and intense, he is able to pull it off. His action is focused, his characters are sharp, his dialogue is true, and his thematic digressions hold together as if they were like-shaped leaves on the same vine. This is a moving and gripping play, and it is an experience that makes other plays seem trivial and pointless. This is political theatre at its finest."
- Atlanta's Theatre Review
"... engrossing, provocative and impressive ..."
- San Francisco Chronicle


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