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Research Materials

Caro, Robert A. "The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York." Vintage, New York, 1975.

Warrior Class



Warrior Class centers on Julius Weishan Lee, a New York assemblyman who's been dubbed "The Republican Obama." Lee is the son of Chinese immigrants and a decorated war veteran with a seemingly limitless political career ahead of him. Then someone from his past threatens to reveal a college transgression, and Lee must decide how far he'll go to keep the incident out of the public eye. Whatever his decision, the consequences may be costly.

Awards/Production History:

  • Presented by the Araca Group, directed by John Doyle
  • Presented by South Coast Repertory as part of NewSCRipts, directed by Oanh Nguyen
  • Presented by South Coast Repertory as part of the Pacific Playwrights Festival, directed by Evan Cabnet
  • World Premiere Production at Second Stage Theatre Company, directed by Evan Cabnet
  • TCG Edgerton New Play Prize

"A restaurant in Baltimore or a sleek New York apartment: It's all one big back room, where political horse trading is conducted with ruthless intensity and oily smiles in "Warrior Class," an absorbing, incisive new play by Kenneth Lin that crackles with authenticity."
- New York Times
"Lin's taut, provocative play thrives on its characters' ambivalence; it avoids being reductive while examining 'lowest common denominator thinking' inherent in today's politics, especially where race is involved."
- Entertainment Weekly
"What's this -- a new play with an actual brain in its head? ... Kenneth Lin's "Warrior Class" is not only smart, it's also politically potent material for an election year."
- Variety
"This smart, tight, topical 90-minute tale of political maneuvering assembles an ace cast. When you think all has been said and done, it delivers a final surprise move."
- New York Daily News


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